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Hockey Players With The Most Expensive Memorabilia

There are some hockey players whose playing days left unforgettable prints in the sands- or, let’s say, ice of time. Items used by these players have gone on to be worth large amounts of money. Here are some hockey players with expensive pieces of memorabilia.

Wayne Gretzky

Gretzky is the most famous hockey player in history. He led the Edmonton Oilers to four Stanley Cup victories. An autographed jersey from his ‘85-‘86 season sold at a 2006 auction for $30,000.

Phil Esposito

Esposito was a rookie with the Blackhawks in the 1963-1964 season, but his jersey that year was sold for $35,850 at an auction in 2010. Memorabilia are worthy investments if you’ve got the patience.

Ebbie Goodfellow

In 1939, Goodfellow was hockey’s hottest star. He won the Stanley Cup for the Red Wings an astounding three times. His jersey for the 1939 All-Star match is valued at $30,000.

Bobby Orr

Orr helped the Bruins to two Stanley Cups and held the record for the most points earned by a defenseman. In an auction in 2008, an autographed jersey of his was sold for $115,000.

Bobby Orr

This phenomenal hockey player wore only three jerseys during his entire rookie season with the Bruins, and one of them sold at a 2010 auction for $191,000.

Mark Wells

In the 1980 Olympic hockey games, the United States defeated the six-time champions,  the Soviet Union, to win the gold medal. Mark Wells, who was a player on that team, had his medal sold for a whopping $310,700 in an auction in 2010.

Paul Henderson

In 1972, Canada and Russia organized the Summit Series. During the eight-game series, Paul Henderson’s performance on the ice performed brought Canada honour. As a result, the jersey he wore during the final four games is a national treasure and went for $1.27 million at an auction in  2010.

These players were hockey’s best, and pieces of their careers in the form of memorabilia are worth thousands and millions of dollars because of the history in them. This magazine is your best plug for anything on sports memorabilia. Connect with us today.